Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we get the border wait times data from?

The official wait times are from the US Customs and Border Protection Agency, which is updated once every hour. We also provide user reported wait times and wait times estimated using GPS

Do you provide wait times to enter Mexico and Canada?

No. At this point we only provide wait times to enter the US.

How do we automatically estimate the wait time using GPS?

- By estimating the time it took you to cross a preset region near the port. We currently support San Ysirdro and Otay Mesa

Does this mean we are tracking you all the time?

Absolutely not. We only know when you enter and exit a small region around each port. Also, this feature has very minimal impact on your battery life.

How do I opt out of this automatic wait time estimation feature?

Disable Notifications for the app via Settings->Notifications->App or
Disable the location services for the app under Settings->Privacy->Location Services->App

What is the user reported wait time?

If you are using our iPhone or Android app, you can report the wait times you experience, using the iReport feature on the phone. This will help other commuters like you. You can report wait times only if you are physically close to that port. We get your location from your phone to verify that you are indeed close to a port.

How do I determine when is the best time to cross the border?

You can use our Best Time to Cross Graphs to see the historical wait times based on the data of the past 3 months.

Why has the wait time not been updated yet?

We update are data from the USA government's border crossing website many times each hour, but if they do not update their data, we are also unable to update ours.

How do I contact you guys with a suggestion or a bug?

Email us at, and we promise to respond.

I updated the app to the latest version, and the app does not work now. What do I do?

If you're having issues after updating to the latest version of the app, please delete the app and reinstall. This will fix the issue.

I disabled location services for the iPhone app. How do I enable it?

Go to iPhone -> Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services. Make sure "Location Services" is on, and also scroll down and enable the location services specifically for Border Wait as well.

If you're still not able to fix the issue, another solution is to delete the app and then reinstall it from the App Store, in which case it will prompt you again to use your location.

How do I link to your site?

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